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Flavours of India

As we roll into fall and winter here in the Sea to Sky, cravings for our favourite comfort foods (you know, the ones that give you that warm, fuzzy feeling) seem to be nurtured with each rainy day. With Squamish’s substantial population of Indian descent, we are fortunate to be on the receiving end of a plethora of authentic Indian offerings, made with fragrant herbs and spices to give it plenty of mouth-bursting flavours.


by Kristy Aleksich

Kevin McLane - Brohm to Ocean.jpg

Squamish The Shining Valley

“Squamish lies at the head of a long fiord defended by steep rock walls that penetrate inland forty kilometres from the Salish Sea.  The fiord merges into a wide estuary backed by high snowy mountains.  And from those mountains a great river pours into the estuary.  This is Squamish Valley."

Sounds impressive, right?  It is.

by Malcolm Yates 

Lisel photo.jpg

Squamish Street Art

In a community as creative as Squamish, there’s no need to let perfectly good walls go bare. Our mountain town is known for its quaint central core and proximity to nature, and though we are snuggly situated between the mountains and the sea, who’s to say that everything in between can’t have a little panache?


by Kristy Aleksich

muffins bespoke.jpg

Pineapple Coconut Muffins

Muffins are incredibly forgiving, and you have endless flavour possibilities. They come together in a pinch and they smell amazing. They are also easy to freeze after baking and add into school lunches!

by Megan Hackett

Bespoke Baking 

Ole Fashion 2.jpg

Ole Town Fashion

Warm up with this favourite cocktail brought to you by the bartender at the Copper Coil Still & Grill. 

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