Travel the World through Squamish Restaurants 

by Kristy Aleksich
Saha Eatery Nabatti Platter.jpg

Saha Eatery's Nabatti Platter. 

Pizza in Italy, Masala in India, Sushi in Japan. These are the things that dreams are made of. It’s been quite the year and a commonly shared sentiment is the sorrow over the inability to travel. Travel gives us freedom from our worries, provides us with excitement and adventure, and gives us something to plan and look forward to. One of the best things about travelling the world is the spectacular, authentic and traditional cuisines we get to indulge in. Even better? It’s enjoyed in ‘vacation mode’ - guilt-free. And that just makes it taste all the better doesn’t it? It’s going to take some time to get back into the swing of things in terms of trotting the globe, but in the meantime, we have fantastic Squamish eateries that can take your taste buds there. Support Squamish restaurants by dining in, hitting up their patios, ordering take out getting it delivered to your door. As you savour each tasty bite, close your eyes and let the flavours of your food take you away to the furthest reaches of the world.


Like Japan, Squamish is incredibly blessed to be adjacent to briny waters that provide us with plenty of tasty fish for sushi. Taka Ramen is downtown Squamish’s newest Japanese offering, with authentic ramen noodles bursting with flavour and delightfully fresh sushi. Try their Authentic Hokkaido Ramen or dive into their array of sushi. Whether you dine in-house, on the intimate patio or saddle up to the sushi counter, your mouth (and belly) will say ‘arigatō’.



Olé to hearty burritos, crispy tacos and… fried chicken?! Fun, tasty, and always full of surprises, Sunny Chibas serves up fresh food, fast. Chef Aaron has made his mark on Highway 99, and now anyone who’s anyone knows it’s a Squamish must-do. Sourcing local ingredients wherever possible, their creative daily specials will take you around the world, like the Nashville Hot Chicken or Jamaican Patties. But at the end of the day, it’s their hugely popular Mexican street food that will make your mouth sing like a mariachi band.

Butter chicken & rice.JPG

Essence of India's Butter Chicken 


From the savoury streets of India straight down your gullet, you can enjoy wonderful traditional Indian cuisine at several Squamish restaurants, thanks to our thriving East Indian community. Essence of India has all your go-to favourites like butter chicken, kormas, tikkas and masalas, featuring the best Indian spices and flavours. Essence of India is also the only Squamish restaurant that has delights coming from a traditional Tandoor Oven.

Enjoying the View with a Carte Diem Pita .JPG

Carte Diem's stunning souvlaki


Seize the day at Carte Diem food truck, serving up mouthwatering lamb, pork and chicken souvlaki, falafel, salad, pita bowls, wraps, calamari and more. Go ahead, seize the souvlaki! With all the garlicky goodness you might need to pop a breath mint afterwards, but it’s so worth it. Check out their website or social media channels to keep tabs on where to find this staple food truck on the daily.

Carte Diem - June 2021 - Taste Of Squamish.jpg


There’s an argument over who truly invented pizza but there’s one thing that’s certain, it is one of the things Italy is most famous for. Top Hat Pizza not only delivers some of Squamish’s tastiest pies but also serves up authentic lasagna, spaghetti, ravioli and cannelloni just like a real Nona would make. Be sure to try their meatball and pizza subs and fresh salads. Order in so you can top it off with a glass of prosecco and some classic Italian music. Bellissima!

Top Hat Pizza - June 2021 - Taste Of Squamish.jpg
Saha Eatery Baklava Dessert.jpg

Baklava Dessert at Saha Eatery 


Using a variety of spices that could have been sourced straight from the Silk Road, Saha Eatery is one of Squamish’s much-loved downtown restaurants cooking up ethically sourced meats, fresh herbs and the exotic flavours of the Middle East. Daily lunch specials give you plenty of reason to experience the range of flavours on their menu. Items like halloumi, kefta beef, harissa chicken, lamb merguez or falafel bring the vibrant, aromatic tastes from afar to travel across your palate.


If you haven’t been, ya’ll will want to head over to the Copper Coil Still & Grill to spice up your life with some authentic, down-home Southern cooking. The Chef and his team even travelled to New Orleans a few years back to research dishes and trust us when we say they came back with some true inspiration. For bona fide Louisiana BBQ and traditional southern style cooking, try their famous Jambalaya, BBQ Ribs, Po’Boys and Smoked Brisket.


For all your Asian flavour fixes, check out Noodlebox in Sea to Sky Business Park. Originally born out of a small food cart in Victoria, BC’s Chinatown, their unique style of Southeast Asian street food lets you travel your taste buds from Japan to Cambodia or Thailand to China. Try the Teriyaki Box inspired with a sweet and tangy glaze or the Jungle Curry Box with its rich yellow curry. Tour your tongue with the Szechuan style sweet and spicy bean sauce of the Kung Pao Box or the sweet and salty tamarind of the Pad Thai Box.


If you can’t decide where you’d rather go, why not travel to them all through dishes from around the world? Pepe’s Chophouse is known around Squamish for their juicy steaks and seafood, but their range of cuisine covers international dishes like Butter Chicken, Vindaloo, Fajitas, Tacos, Pasta, and Poke Bowls. It’s easy to see why this Squamish eatery is a local’s favourite, there is something for everyone no matter what your mood. 


Though it’s not the same as actually being there, if the past year has taught us anything it’s that we’ve needed to adapt, be flexible and use our imaginations to make it through the hard times. Food has always been a way to bring people together, and even if we can’t be together food can still bring joy, pleasure and hope. Keep on dreaming of that destination that you’ll go to next by getting a taste for another country and supporting our local restaurants.


Taka Ramen 

38065 Cleveland Avenue

Downtown Squamish 


Sunny Chibas 

1584 Highway 99

Along the Highway 


Essence of India

40367 Tantalus Way

Garibaldi Estates 


Carte Diem Food Truck 

Seize the Souvlaki



Top Hat Pizza 

40386 Tantalus Road 

Garibaldi Estates

Saha Eatery 

38128 Cleveland Avenue

Downtown Squamish 

Copper Coil Still & Grill

37996 Cleveland Avenue

Downtown Squamish

Noodle Box

1-1257 Commercial Way 

Business Park

Pepe's Chophouse

40359 Tantalus Road

Garibaldi Estates 

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