Sweet Squamish

by Kristy Aleksich
Tall Tree 2.jpg

 Delicious pastries by Tall Tree Bakery

There are so many delightful treats available to tempt your sweet tooth, it doesn’t seem fair that this time of year lets pumpkin spice have all the fun. When it comes to fall and winter treats, Squamish is home to a remarkably large industry of confectionary masters waiting to satisfy all your sugary cravings.


Hand-made, ethically sourced, delicious and… chocolate!  Xoco Westcoast Chocolatiers ticks all the boxes when it comes to satisfying your appetite for cocoa. This little shop in downtown Squamish has a selection of decadent and simply beautiful handmade chocolates. You can also grab one their famed chocolate bars from a variety of retailers in the Sea to Sky.




Pecan Tart 

Does it get any better than a freshly baked pie? If you haven’t heard of the Golden Crust, it’s time to make your way to Dentville and pick up one of their ‘world famous’ pocket pies or sample from their array of pastries, cookies and savoury items (and full-size pies too of course). Locally owned and operated, they stick to their motto ‘Sea to Sky Delicious’ - and they are.


Tall Tree 3.jpg
Croissants by Tall Tree Bakery

Made from scratch with natural ingredients, Tall Tree Bakery offers a daily selection of artisan breads as well as an assortment of scrumptious baked goods to drool over. This past summer they successfully experimented with ice cream sandwiches, so there’s no telling what they might whip up each day. Insider tip: They also make the best croissant in town.



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Real fruit ice cream from Alice & Brohm

Even if the weather is little chilly, who’s to say you can’t enjoy a cold treat? Ice cream lovers rejoice! You might have seen their vintage camper rolling around at events, but the well-loved Alice & Brohm now have a storefront in Garibaldi Highlands serving up their made to order fresh fruit ice cream. In Downtown Squamish, 2 Chill Gelato also has your cream cravings covered with their 50’s diner style shop that has as much personality as it does flavours!

green moustache 1.jpg

The Green Moustache- raw, vegan desserts

Just because something is decadent doesn’t mean it can’t be healthy. Case in point, The Green Moustache. Specializing in raw, vegan treats, they might just convert you full-time with their fun variety of ‘cheesecakes’ and their yummy date squares. You’ll want to get fooled every day, they are that good.


Whatever you might have a hankering for, Sunflower Bakery has got you covered. Cakes, pastries, scones, squares, muffins, brownies, cookies… did we miss anything? This cozy little spot in downtown Squamish has been creating great tasting, wholesome products for over twenty years, on location, made from scratch.


We’ve barely scratched the surface for the best sweet spots in Squamish and we already sense a toothache. But who can care when the smell of fresh bread is filling your nostrils, smooth chocolate is being poured and lovingly formed into bonbons, or ice cream is dribbling down your chin? Remember, life is short, you could always eat dessert first.


Xoco Westcoast Chocolatiers 

38020 Cleveland Ave

Downtown Squamish, BC

Golden Crust 

38924 Queens Way

Business Park, Squamish, BC

Tall Tree Bakery  

404- 1201 Commercial Place

Business Park, Squamish, BC


Alice & Brohm

9-1861 Mamquam Rd

Garibaldi Estates, BC

2 Chill 

38086 Cleveland Ave

Downtown Squamish, BC

The Green Moustache 

38114 Second Avenue

Downtown Squamish, BC

The Sunflower Bakery 

38086 Cleveland Ave

Downtown Squamish, BC

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