Be a tourist in your own backyard this summer.



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Best Burgers 

Burgers might just be the perfect thing to eat. They’re a perfect marriage of meat, bread, cheese, vegetables and sometimes other exotic ingredients. The difference between a good burger and a great burger? It could be anything from the cut of the meat, the style of grill, the combination of toppings or the choice of bread. But when you get everything right and all those ingredients fuse together into one mouthful of juicy, flavourful perfection then what you’ve got is an AMAZING burger.


by Kristy Aleksich


The Backyard in the Valley by the Cliff

Valleycliffe is the southernmost residential neighbourhood in Squamish and the first you’ll find when driving up from Vancouver.  By its name you can surmise two things: there is a valley and there is a cliff.  Enter The Backyard Tap and its proud owners, Jackie Sinfield and Phillip Vandenborre.

by Malcolm Yates 


Joe Eppele: A Homecoming 

I love this town.  It’s nestled in nature yet big city adjacent.  You want green space?  It’s all green space!  I moved to Squamish in 2006 and can’t imagine anywhere I’d rather be.  In fact, you almost need to step away from the Sea to Sky to appreciate its beauty.  Well folks, that’s exactly what Joe Eppele did and I’d like to run down a bit of his background if you’ll indulge me.


by Malcolm Yates


Howe Sound Biosphere 

So how do we strike a balance between development and biodiversity? What can we do to safeguard this spectacular region? Howe Sound Biosphere Region Initiative Society (HSBRIS) have been striving to nominate an area to become a biosphere region by UNESCO (United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization), which will support just those things.

By Kristy Aleksich



There’s nothing quite like the smell of a fresh ocean breeze, the wind in your hair as you glide across the water, the salty mist from the sea gently coating your skin as seabirds soar overhead. That’s the ‘movie’ version of kiteboarding. A more realistic take on the sport is slightly more dramatic. The wind can whip the ocean into a frenzy, its salty waves adorned with white tips, and the ocean spray is more like a hefty dousing of seawater. To a newcomer, this might be intimidating, but to a seasoned pro, these are the days they live for.

By Kristy Aleksich

Astrology Map

What does the summer have in store for your astro sign? Shannon Astrology gives us the forecast for the season ahead. 

by Shannon Astrology

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"Cooking chickpeas for hummus yields the most favourable results. When cooking the beans from their dry state, one must soak them for a minimum of twelve hours.


"After soaking, I prefer to drain and rinse them prior to boiling. Upon boiling I add a touch of baking soda and this softens the skins and bean allowing for a smoother finished product."

By Chef Jeremy, Saha Eatery



Rosie 75 

Here is a satisfying thirst quencher brought to you by Norman Rudy's just in time for summer. 

Front Cover - 2020 TOS MAG - Summer.jpg

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