Squamish's Best Breakfasts

by Kristy Aleksich
Eggs Bennie.jpg

Eggs Bennidict from Lil Chef Bistro

Wake up. Gear Up. Fuel up. This is the mantra for most Squamish residents- and visitors too. A town built on outdoor activity, these are the days we live for…. long stretches of sunlight that let us rise early, throw on our outdoor gear for hiking, biking, running, boating, gliding, surfing or whatever the day holds. But you can’t pull off this type of lifestyle if you don’t have fuel for your body. Even if you spent the night pounding shots at the Knotty Burl, you’ve got to have a little something in your belly before you kick off the day (or afternoon, as it might be). Squamish has an excellent number of options for breakfast, so we’ve put together a well-rounded list of the top spots in our mountain town.


Lil Chef Bistro

The Lil Chef might be the new kid on the block, but they’ve already become the boss of the schoolyard. People do not mess around when it comes to breakfast- they don’t call it the most important meal of the day for nothing. When it comes to preparing breakfast, either you’ve got the magic touch, or you don’t. Well the Lil Chef does, in spades. When you’re making the best parts of breakfast like English muffins, peameal bacon, sausage and preserves from scratch – well, that’s just next level. Keeping it simple, classic and free-range all the way, Saturday and Sunday brunch in Squamish will never be the same. Bravo Lil Chef, bravo.


Fergie’s Café

If you asked a local where to go, this is what they would say…. after some hesitation about divulging such an important secret. Alas, one needs to share such succulence, and after suffering from a devastating fire in spring of 2018, they deserve to flourish. Newly opened come Spring 2019, Fergie’s is a supreme spot for breaky. Jump in the car and head up the Squamish Valley Road, and where the crossroads meets the river, that’s where we’ll be. Try to get there with time to spare as a wait is usually in order, but it’s worth it. Saddle up to a picnic table or check out their new patio and dig into delicious bennies, sammies and a whole lotta breakfast goodness. Bonus: You’re already in the great outdoors and a network of trails for Squamish adventuring!


Crabapple Café

If you’re up Brackendale way, the Crabapple Café is one of our top spots. Offering fresh, healthy and delicious meals, there’s no better way to start your day. Continuously sourcing local food and beverages, you’ll be stoked to fuel up at this place that feels like a bit of home. Choose a pork, grilled chicken or pastrami hash… not your thing? Holler to our vegan friends with lots of options like the garden hash, smashed avocado toast and French toast. This is farm to table at its finest until 3pm, with a community vibe to boot.


Salted Vine Breakfast 2.png

Salted Vines orange riccota pancakes

Chef Big D’s

With a no-nonsense approach to all your ‘greasy-spoon’ needs, Chef Big D’s, located in the heart of Downtown Squamish is a bustling spot any day of the week. Grilled cheese perfectly buttery, crispy and gooey all at the same time, omelettes, frittatas or just good ole bacon and eggs. No fuss, no muss, just big portions and lots of coffee… everything breakfast needs to be.


Salted Vine

We’re not gonna lie - this is next level breakfast. The kind where you take the first bite and actually have to put your fork down and take a moment to appreciate the delicious flavours that just made your taste buds rejoice. These aren’t just pancakes – they are orange ricotta pancakes with lemon mascarpone crème that will make your heart sing. It’s Italian fennel sausage and crisp bacon locally sourced, it’s hollandaise from the gods. Only available on Sundays, and only from Easter Sunday through the fall, you’d be remiss to never take a Sunday to visit this special place. Save room for an Aperol Spritz or Mimosa (or two), if you know what’s good for you.


You’ve fueled up, now go use that energy having an epic day in Squamish, whatever that may be. Just remember to tire yourself out so you can fall into bed exhausted, then dream of the delectable breakfast that awaits you when you crack your eyes open to begin your next epic day.



Lil Chef Bistro

40365 Tantalus Road

Garibaldi Estates, BC

Fergie's Cafe

70002 Squamish Valley Road

Brackendale, BC

The Nest  

41340 Government Rd

Brackendale, BC


Chef Big D's 

38042 Cleveland Avenue

Downtown Squamish, Squamish, BC

The Salted Vine

37991 Second Ave

Downtown Squamish, BC

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