Squamish Sushi Scene

by Kristy Aleksich

Wagyu Beef Sushi from Oryzae Japanese Cuisine 

In Squamish the locals have a love of both the mountains AND the ocean. Living in a place where the sea meets the sky is a little slice of heaven, and enjoying some of the bounty that comes from the nearby waters of the Pacific Ocean is just part of the lifestyle.


From Vancouver to Whistler, sushi is clearly one of the most popular cuisines in the area. The good news is whether you live in Squamish or just happen to be passing through, we’ve got the sushi game covered.

If you’re taking a quick pit stop off the 99, Samurai Sushi in Garibaldi Highlands is the ticket. With three locations (two in Whistler and one in Squamish), the owners have created a system that works- well priced sushi on the go. With value in mind, they have created a menu with a modest selection of rolls, nigiri boxes and sides. Their daily special is a resident go-to.

Also in the Highlands, Umai Sushi & Grill is located next to the highway, tucked away in the Spectacle Building at Garibaldi Village. This eatery carries the unusual (and delicious) east coast favourite ‘sushi pizza’, as well as an array of Korean dishes that occasionally fuse with the Japanese, such as the BBQ Short Rib roll.


Sushi Pizza from Umai Sushi & Grill 

Ask a Squamish local where the best sushi in town is and you might get a difference of opinion, but one restaurant seems to get the most votes and that’s Sushi Sen. Eat in or take away, locals have been won over not only by the value, freshness and service but also by their innovative menu items.  House specials like the Blue Sea Roll should be at the top of your list, but feel free to try any number of their uniquely popular dishes like the Tea Pot Soup, Age Nasu (eggplant with special sauce) or Japanese style curry while you’re at it. Discover them behind the Highlands Centre on Tantalus Way.


Blue Sea Roll from Sushi Sen

For a cozy atmosphere with a straight forward menu, head to Sushi Goeman in Downtown Squamish. A family owned and operated space, they maintain a relaxed vibe that feels like you’ve found the secret that the locals hit up when a sushi craving sets in. Try the Croquette or Ume-Avo (Japanese pickled plum) Rolls, exclusive to their menu.

If you’re looking to enjoy a more elevated sushi experience, visit Oryzae Japanese Cuisine on Cleveland Avenue. This Japanese Izakaya has a delightful array of dishes to tempt you. Order the Salmon Taco, Lumina pressed roll or the Wagyu beef roll for a change of pace. If you appreciate a little show at your table, ask for the Applewood-Infused Smoking Saba (Mackerel) with ginger soy sauce and ready your Instagram.



Smoking Sabe Dish from Oryzae Japanese Cuisine

It doesn’t matter if you’re a sushi purist or on the hunt for the next trendy roll. The sushi here is fresh and tasty- just one of the perks of living so gloriously close to the ocean. If heaven is a full belly of delicious sushi, you’ll be glad that you explored the Squamish sushi scene.


Samuri Sushi 

40254 Glenalder Place

Garibaldi Estates, BC

Umai Sushi 

1-40437 Tantalus Road

Garibaldi Estates, BC

Sushi Sen 

40382 Tantalus Road

Garibaldi Estates, BC


Sushi Goemon

38105 Second Avenue

Downtown Squamish, BC

Oryzae Japanese Cuisine

38005 Cleveland Avenue

Downtown Squamish, BC

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