Squamish Summer Fashion

by Hilary Shandonay
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Bewilder, eithical and fashionable clothing

Looking to support local clothing companies in Squamish? Look no further! This area has remarkably impressive local businesses that are definitely worth supporting.




Melissa Pearson, owner of The Hive- Home & Gifts outside her store on Cleveland Avenue in downtown Squamish. 

The Hive - Home & Gifts has been located in the heart of downtown Squamish since 2006. Melissa Pearson, the owner of the store says fun socks, hemp wear, unique gifts, and locally made jewelry are what they sell the most of at the store. Melissa strives to help customers find that perfect gift for those that are “hard to shop for.” What makes this store stand out is that they have a pop-up lingerie shop in the back of the store called Queen Bee Boudoir. “Queen Bee Boudoir’s goal is to celebrate our own unique individuality and to promote body positivity and inclusion. The pieces we bring in fit size ranges XS-4XL+. Our motto is: where every body is royalty!” Melissa says.


Ethical clothing companies are prevalent in our area. Bewilder is a clothing company owned by Nadine Manson which launched in 2014. The clothing from her company are sewn in Canada and are made from recycled water bottles. She is passionate about slow fashion, which means making the clothing after a customer orders the product, to reduce fabric waste. “Traditional fashion brands reply on the mass production of globalized trends to make a profit. They sell high volume at very low prices, keeping shelves overstocked with every size and color to never miss a sale. Ever wondered who buys all of the stuff you see in shopping malls? The answer is they don't. Mass amounts of excess unsold inventory end up in warehouses and eventually dumped into landfills” Nadine wrote. Supporting ethical clothing companies like this one can truly make a difference with producing less waste from clothing production. Bewilder has numerous patterned leggings as well as plain coloured ones. She sells her clothing mostly online and at markets, pop-up shops and special events.


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MahaDevi Designs are ethical and comfortable. 

Another ethical clothing company in Squamish is Maha Devi design, which is owned by two inspiring moms, Julie Emerson and Freyja Skye. The clothing is designed by the owners in Canada and ethically made in China. The fabric is a mixture of bamboo and organic cotton, and designed to fit all body types. According to Maha Devi design’s website, the benefits of wearing bamboo fibers are:

  • The clothing is high sweat absorbent (it pulls moisture from skin for evaporation - moisture wicking)

  • Powerfully insulating – the clothing keeps you cooler in summer and warmer in winter

  • Naturally UV protectant

  • Hypoallergenic - natural bamboo does not cause allergic reactions

  • Most eco-friendly fabric on the planet 

When customers purchase clothing from Maha Devi design, they’re not just receiving incredibly comfortable attire, they’re supporting two empowering women who are passionate about helping the planet and making customers feel confident in their designs. 



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Wild and Heart has the west coast vibe

As soon as you walk into Wild and Heart, you can feel the west coast vibe. This store offers mens and womens clothing, along with jewelry, swimsuits and artwork. The owner, Sarah Johnson launched her own brand, The Wilder Collection in September of 2018, which is inspired by the lakes and mountain ranges all around us. The other brands that are in the store are carefully chosen by Sarah. “I try to choose local brands as much as possible, or Canadian brands. The whole concept from the beginning was to combine the concept of local or artisan with international hard to find brands” Sarah said.

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The Funky Monkey is located in the heart of downtown and is one of the oldest stores in Squamish. “Customers have come in while I am working and tell me that they used to go to the Funky Monkey as a kid growing up in Squamish.” Sujey Villalobos, a retail worker at the store said. The Funky Monkey offers clothing for men and women, unique gifts, jewelry, perfume, backpacks, handbags, swimsuits; the list goes on.  Products from a wide variety of well-known brands as well as small local companies fill the store.


The Hive Home & Gifts 

38014 Cleveland Ave

Downtown Squamish, BC


Mahadevi Design

7-38918 Progress Way

Business Park, Squamish, BC


Wild and Heart 

38036 Cleveland Ave

Downtown Squamish

Funky Monkey Boutique 

38041 Cleveland Ave

Downtown Squamish, BC