Food Trucks 

by Kristy Aleksich
Pho 6.jpg

New kid on the block Pho Give Pho Get

As fall and winter descend on the Sea to Sky, some of the region’s most popular locals go into hibernation. Maybe the bikers and hikers and bears aren’t out and about, but just because the snow (or let’s face it, rain) is here doesn’t mean you still can’t hit up one of the trendiest ways to grab a quick bit.Squamish food trucks don’t all go into hibernation, which means that you can swing on by and snag a tasty meal on the go.


Carte Diem 1.jpg

Seize the Souvalki at Carte Diem

Seize the day with Carte Diem, Squamish’s Greek food truck offering souvlaki, falafel, gyros and salads. A long-standing favourite providing garlicky goodness since 2015, the truck can be found around Squamish until October 31st before she goes in for a sweet remodel. Even though the truck itself won’t be around all winter, you can still find their delicious Greek offerings after October through to the beginning of March at the concession stand at Brennan Park. Hit the pool or skating rink then get your greek on before you head out.

Truck Food Photo2.jpg

 Locavore food truck

One of Squamish’s original food trucks is making some fun changes this season while still keeping the old favourites available for those with a serious sandwich addiction. The Locavore keeps ‘their friends closeand their farmers closer’ with locally sourced products like their grilled chicken burger, donair and beef

burgers. Back by popular demand is their Bahn Mi sandwich, and this season they will open up the neighboring conservatory space so you can wait for and eat your

lunch in a warm, cozy area. After hours they’ll continue to serve the same menu along with appetizers, dessert and a full bar available for a cocktail or beer to wash it all down.

Pho .jpg

Pho good

New kid on the block ‘Pho-Give Pho-Get’ is finally answering the prayers that plenty of locals have been bombarding the heavens with. ‘Please God, when we can get some Pho up in here?!” has been a common sentiment around the Sea to Sky for a while now and these guys have come to deliver. Look for the blue truck on the corner of Mamquam Road and the highway, and you’ll find delicious beef or chicken pho, crispy dumplings and all your favourite Vietnamese staples. They had us from the moment we saw the T-Rex on the sign.

luz taco truck.jpg

Tacos and beer were made for each other so it’s a good thing that Luz Taco truck will be sticking around for the winter and you can find their iconic airstream trailer in the A-Frame Brewing parking lot. This is classic Mexican food with a gourmet flare, with all the heat you’ll need to keep you warm this winter. Watch out for reduced hours in extreme cold and inclement weather, but for most of the season you’ll be able to munch down tacos, taquitos, quesadilla or even a warm tortilla soup to pair with your brew.


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