Dogs in Squamish

by Dr. Tom Honey DVM 
Finn going for a walk. DR HONEY.JPG
Finn taking in the beauty of Squamish.

As the world has come to know, Squamish is a recreational Mecca for two footed and four-footed enthusiasts. Squamish offers a host of activities that locals and visitors can share with their dogs. The estuary and Nexen Beach offer the opportunity of a seaside stroll while taking in a breathtaking panoramic view of Howe Sound and the surrounding mountains. From there, one can experience a true ‘Sea to Sky’ experience by hiking up the (soon to be active again) gondola trails. And you can ride the dog friendly gondola back to the base if your energy is flagging after the hike up! There are many trail networks in Squamish to explore. Be a good citizen and keep your dog on leash when on the trails unless in one of the posted off leash areas. And of course, have bags to clean up after your dog.

Be aware that ticks are active year-round in Squamish. Be sure you are taking the appropriate measures to help guard against your dog contracting Lyme Disease (which ticks in our region can carry). Always carry water for yourself and your dog when enjoying the outdoors thus limiting the risk that your dog will drink from puddles or streams.   Drinking from these sources can be a risk for parasites like Giardia (Beaver Fever).




If you are going into the backcountry be sure to have your dog under control so that is does not disturb wildlife.  If going into the backcountry on skis be careful not to let your dog get tangled in the skis as this can result in serious ski cuts for your dog. Have a first aid kit and be knowledgeable in it’s uses when in the backcountry. 

Following these few precautions can help you and your furry friend enjoy all that Squamish has to offer safely! Get out there and enjoy. Hope to see you on the trails!


  • Keep your dog on leash except in designated off leash areas.

  • Always clean up after your dog and pack out to a proper garbage bin.

  • Carry water for your dog on extended walks.

  •  Have a first aid kit if you are going into the backcountry.

  • Have your dog under control so that it will not disturb wildlife.


Backcountry Brewing

Ferghal on walk. Cari Chiga photo. DR HO

Ferghal taking a walk in the Squamish Estuary.


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