Cider: A Genesis Story

by Malcolm Yates the Sea to Sky Beer Guy

Photo by Malcolm Yates

On the first day, the God of Alcoholic Beverages (GAB for short) created Howe Sound Brewing and it was good.  On the second day, GAB created Gillespie’s Fine Spirits and darn it, that was good too.  On day three GAB created A-Frame Brewing.  So pleased was She at how that turned out, GAB kept it rolling for day four and created Backcountry Brewing.  And it was all so damned good that GAB gave forth an ungodly giggle.  And the sound of GAB’s glee was heard far and wide; a pleasing counterpoint to the strident piping of eagles on the make.  That’s a four day work week folks, more than enough for most gods.  But GAB was just getting started.  ‘What else?’ she thought.  What lovely liquid can I bestow upon this town?


“Eureka,” She shree-kad.


And land & sea and bird & bear, one and all, stilled their beating drums. 


And GAB said, “Let there be Cider” and there was cider.  And GAB sampled the cider and it was good.  The end.


Well-well-well, how do you like them apples?   Fermented, I presume, just as the cider makers intended.  No, not GAB, She didn’t make the cider I’m sipping on, silly!  That was merely a myth, created by myself to ease and tease the next phase in Squamish’s craft beverage revolution: cider.  I am, however, a completist.  So let’s quickly close the Book of GAB, shall we?


On the fifth day GAB created Cliffside Cider and it was great.  On the sixth day GAB created Northyards Cider and it was great.  On the seventh day GAB rested.  Only in the Apocrypha of GAB is it written the reasons why.  But really, it should come as no surprise.  Poor GAB was hella hungover.  Think about it: beer on Monday, gin on Tuesday, beer on Wednesday, beer on Thursday, cider on Friday, cider on Saturday?  For god’s sake, GAB, sleep it off!


Boyd Folkard, Co-owner and Cider Maker.J
Boyd Folkard, Co-Owner & Cider Maker, Cliffside Cider

Okay, so Cliffside Cider has been open since July and occupies the back corner of a beautiful building on the southern end of town.  There’s a patio for when the weather is welcoming and a warm, atmospherically funky tasting room for when the weather turns.  I tried the Dry (delicious) and the Cranberry Apple (even more so) and it sounds as though there are many other iterations to come.  One of which is a mulled cider, just in time for winter.  Wonderful!


Northyards Cider Co. 

Northyards Cider is the product of partners Kathleen Van Der Ree and Alison Round.  These two lovely ladies charmed me immensely when we spoke.  And while, chronologically, they followed Cliffside, it was in the Northyards where I sampled my first Squamish cider.  Alison is the cider maker and her rotating seasonals are fantastic.  But the tap that fills my cup is the Semi-Dry.  It’s not too sweet and not too dry and sips right in my sweet spot!  Northyards also has a killer kitchen and the Mac ‘N’ Cheese is a mash-up between comfort-classic and boutique-chic.


If you’ve read this far then you’re not easily shaken off and I salute you.  To those who hold God (or Gods) in higher regard please know that I certainly meant no offence with my narrative.  I simply sampled too many fermented fruit drinks and wrote where my mind went.  I’m only mortal, after all, and the taking of forbidden fruit-thing is in my nature.  Come to Squamish, go to Cliffside, go to Northyards, drink some cider.  We are truly blessed in Squamish and our bounty is bountiful.  




Northyards Cider Co. 

9-38936 Queens Way

Business Park | Squamish, BC

Cliffside Cider

103- 37760 Second Ave

Downtown Squamish, BC

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