Chelem Trail:
A Virtual Tour
with the BC Wildlife Federation 

by Emma Kingsland
estuary view by emma kingsland.jpeg

View of the Skwelwil'em Squamish Estuary. Photo by Emma Kingsland 

Chelem trail winds through the Skwelwil'em Squamish Estuary Wildlife Management Area. The scenic trail provides breathtaking views of the mountains that frame the lush estuary with an abundance of diverse plant and animal species at every turn. The panoramic views that span from the estuary trail to the snow-capped mountains provide just a glimpse of the interconnected ecological processes that are occurring on all levels throughout the Squamish Estuary. While COVID-19 restrictions may have made traveling and visiting outdoor areas difficult; the B.C. Wildlife Federation’s newly developed webinar series has been created to bring British Columbia's beautiful and diverse ecosystems into the homes of the province’s 55+ community throughout the summer. 

The B.C. Wildlife Federation (BCWF) has been providing a voice for conservation in B.C. for over 60 years and is made up of province-wide volunteers who aim to protect, enhance and promote the wise use of the environment for the benefit of present and future generations. The BCWF runs numerous workshops, initiatives and programs that engage communities, teach important conservation and outdoor stewardship skills and restore habitats across B.C.    

The Squamish Spit is proposed to be removed. 

estuary path by emma kingsland.jpeg

The Chelem Trail. Photo by Emma Kingsland. 

The newly developed Fish Habitat Restoration and Education (FHRE) Program works to increase engagement, knowledge and awareness among communities about environmental issues related to riparian ecosystems and provides support in restoring these ecologically sensitive habitats. With the support of Employment and Social Development Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program, the FHRE Program is creating webinars and initiatives to engage B.C.’s 55+ community in outdoor recreation activities and conservation education. The Fishing in Later Years Webinar Series includes virtual presentations from experienced anglers and outdoor enthusiasts that highlight the diverse range of ecosystems in B.C., information about fly fishing, native bird identification, and the rules and regulations of fishing in B.C. The series will be running from July to September 2021, with the webinar featuring Chelem Trail on August 10th.  

This spring the FHRE team was at the Skwelwil'em Squamish Estuary taking photos for the next series of Fishing in Later Years Webinars. The upcoming webinar on August 10th will feature a 360° tour of Chelem Trail, designed to bring the trail into your back yard, virtually. During this tour participants will learn about native species, the important ecological processes that occur in the estuary, and outdoor stewardship skills to practice when visiting the area. Each webinar in the series will provide an immersive experience to view trails and learn about a variety of ecosystems from different regions of B.C. The tours encourage participants to explore their local communities while following all provincial travel guidelines. The Fishing in Later Years Webinar Series is created for an audience of 55 years+, but registration is open for all ages. For more information, please visit or email


Registration is now open to for the BCWF Fishing in Later Years Webinar Series. 

Emma Kingsland is a Fish Habitat Restoration and Education Program Intern

with the BC Wildlife Federation. 

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