Beer Picks of Summer

by Malcolm Yates the Sea to Sky Beer Guy

Photo by Malcolm Yates

Look folks, taste is subjective.  I’m not here to tell you what to think or what to drink.  Do you like hop-forward IPA’s twelve months a year?  Great!  What’s that?  You prefer a nice, hearty Stout?  Super-Duper!  Personally, I put my Stouts away when the snow starts to melt, but that’s just me.  And who the heck am I, anyway?  Did I go to Alcoholic Beverage University for four years before adding the Beer Guy appellation to my name?  I did not.  Am I a certified cicerone? (if you haven’t heard that one before, a cicerone is to beer as a sommelier is to wine)  I am not.  Nor am I an expert.  I’m an enthusiast, to be sure and that’s about as scholarly as I’ll get.  Don’t get me wrong, I know a thing or two about a thing or two, but I am NOT here to push my beer-dork agenda on you like some pushy, door to door donut salesman.  How awful would that be?  The me being pushy part, I mean.  Door to door donut sales would rule, right up to the part where my arteries clog with custard.  But back to the beer...


These picks are about quenching your thirst and beating back summer’s heat, so let’s look to the lighter side of the spectrum and start with Howe Sound Brewing’s, Pilsner Plunge.  Previously a seasonal beer, HSB increased production of their Czech-style Pilsner to offer it year round due to its popularity.  Also new this year is the Plunge’s availability in 355ml cans.  So now you can take the beer to the beach or camping or church and not have to worry about broken glass.  Sacrilege may still be an issue, so I do NOT recommend that last one.

Next up is A-Frame’s Daisy Lake Helles Lager.  Currently in production, this refreshing beer will be ready for your thirst-buds by summer.  The Helles is a German-style lager made with Pils and Vienna Malts.  The long, cool, lagering process produces a crisp, smooth, beer that goes down wonderfully after an exhilarating bike ride.  Fear not, if biking isn’t to your liking, I can tell you with some authority that this Helles Lager also pairs well with exhilarating hammock sessions.

Let’s finish this thing off with a style that’s refreshing but may have something to prove if you’ve not tried sour beer before. Backcountry Brewing introduced us to their kettle sour program last year with such offerings as the Rest In Peach and Sunshine Sours.  Their latest, the Sour Bastard, was conditioned on “absurd amounts” of boysenberry and meets all the markers when it comes to summertime drinkability.  Sour beers are great; all you have to do is overcome the trepidation generated by the word ‘sour’.  Perhaps ‘tart’ would be a better descriptor but then again, a beer by any other name would taste as sour.  If you’ve had them before, you know what I mean.  And if not, go try a sample, fall in love, then crush’em by the can!


Backcountry Brewing

That’s it, folks!  I hope I provided some solutions to the age old question, “what should I drink this summer?”  Hoppy IPA’s are happenin’ and Dark Stouts delightful, but if you want your thirst quenched then these three options will more than fill that bill.  Bring on the Sun and I’ll see you on the patio...




Howe Sound Brewing 

37801 Cleveland Avenue

Downtown Squamish, BC

A-Frame Brewing 

1-38927 Queens Way 

Business Park | Squamish, BC

Backcountry Brewing  

405- 1201 Commercial Way 

Business Park | Squamish, BC

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